Trail day 8 Feb 15

  • We packed up from camp at Barack wadi and started out on the trail, through wadis and over rolling high plateaus. Some of the hills were very chalky, a bit slick. So I would slide down, getting totally covered  in a fine white powder.Probably not so good for the lungs. We stopped early and camped in a beautiful spot at the junction of 2 wadis, a spot with two large acacia trees and a brilliant white wall of rock towering over us. DSCN0254People had camped there and we’ve noticed they often bring large wooden pallets for firewood. Good for us except for the heaps of rusty nails buried in the dirt. We had just made camp when a young Ukranian guy named Alex stopped to rest under one of the trees. He was quite proud of the fact he was carrying a pack that weighed 75 pounds!! Twelve litres of water (almost 30 pounds right there. )He was heading to Eilat for 10 days of hiking, and had all his meals in small packets. Looked like bird feed. Anyway off he went, this little guy with the enormous pack, prepping for a summer trip of extreme hiking on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. One does meet interesting people on the trail!

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