Camino Santiago 2018

Greetings again – this time from Spain. There have been many travels in between (2017 was a major year for trips- Alaska, France and Spain with my niece, California for Rachel’s graduation, then a grad trip to Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain and finally last but not least Newfoundland with fraser and then Bens wedding on the farm in Balderson. Exciting events for our family.

May 20, Madeline and I arrived in London England, and after a couple pleasant days visiting a friend from the 70’s near Woking, we got to the airport and discovered our plane to Bilbao had been cancelled due to an air traffic controllers strike in France. Vueling would not put us on any flight except with the same airline which, as it turned out, was not for three days!! We were outraged, horrified etc… as were several other hundred passengers. The first day was a total waste as we waited for the airline to figure out where to put us. They moved us from a tacky downtown hotel to a boutique hotel near Heathrow airport. On day 2 we decided to make the most of the day and went to see the Tower of London . The third day we spent 2.5 hours getting from heathrow to gatwick in a nail biting taxi ride in traffic (bank holiday weekend). We made the flight and arrived in Bilbao around midnight in the pouring rain. Saturday morning dawned cloudy and cool and we set off  from Portulagata (a short subway ride from central Bilbao) on the Camino Del Norte. This time our packs are lighter (never light enough however!!) and we are excited to experience more of the Camino we spent 6 memorable days on last year.

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