Three More Days

Hard to believe but on Thursday, the adventure begins. One thousand kilometers through Israel. The 1,000 km is not what scares me, but rather the growing size – and weight – of my backpack. I was hoping to keep the weight of essentials to 15 pounds (clothes, tent, sleeping bag, ipad and camera with all their confusing array of poles, cords, adapters, power banks, batteries etc…,) then allowing an equal 15 pounds for food and water. Sadly, this goal was overly optimistic.  I must now sift through everything and discard whatever I can – a T shirt, my tiny toothpaste tube, socks, duct tape, the very smart looking keyboard case on my ipad etc… Being ruthlessly austere is the only fix for my groaning glute muscles. The first week will be the real test. Or maybe the first day… Carpe diem! We will seize the day and hope it doesn’t fight back.

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